ntended for kith and kin but open enough for publication. Personal belief, faith, family, friends, ancestors and genealogies; those things that influence, guide, and inspire me. MORE

or, everything else

arious and sundry; ranging from plants and animals to science and philosophy. MORE

Work . . . .
what we have to do.

tuff about mechanics, mechanisms, design, drawing, drafting and computers. The technology of our built environment and conveying ideas to non-technical people. MORE

. . . the Supervisor

oters of District 2 stunned the powers-that-be with an 8-point upset over the prior Board Chairman. Unseated this election, Jim has the only Shenandoah-issues website. MORE

Welcome to my place —my ‘homepage’— on the internet. Please choose a route to start from the above groupings. They aren’t absolute categories; just like real life everything is interrelated and connected to each other.

Also like real life, this website is under construction. Feel free to use photos, graphics, and other documents with proper credit. The appearance and function has been tested with Win2K and WinXP using IE7, IE6, FF1.5 & 2, and Opera9. If you have technical problems, please point them out to me.

Thank you.

Jim Patrick
Shenandoah County, Virginia

26 July 2007
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