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“ Starting as a laborer, I working on restoring and preserving old buildings. The "Urban Renewal" programs were policy, and it wasn't easy to save those buildings. Working with a variety of experts, I learned various skills needed in the restoration and reuse of historic structures.

With razor-thin margins, I found that small decisions can make the difference between profit and loss. I also learned that government policy can make that difference: efficiency, credits, and low-interest loans help. Taxes, license fees, bureaucratic delay, and paperwork requirements hurt.

After a scandal in the late 1970's many police were fired and the chief was replaced. Desperate for manpower, they made a special plea to the community and I became the first policeman under the reform administration.

“Being truthful and absolutely fair is the only way to keep trust relationships in a community; I learned what public service really means. The work was gratifying, but before George Allen's parole reform, the revolving-door justice system was too disappointing. After six years service I resigned.

Working nights at a factory while taking technical courses by day, I found troubleshooting and solving technical problems to be enjoyable and stayed as an electro-mechanical designer in the manufacturing industry until 2001.

“Privileged to work under some of Virginia's brightest stars, I've been in plants throughout the state. I understand manufacturers, what industry needs from localities, and how businesses or entrepreuneurs can benefit our county.