My Shenandoah County ·»«· Personal website of Jim Patrick.

Structure - This site is setup differently than most other policy-oriented websites.

It isn't setup around policy or politics, issues or platforms; it is arranged around life, how we live everyday.

We live in time. It flows around us –or we move through it– so that things aren’t ever the same. The only constant is change. As a county Supervisor, my job is to help steer the county as it changes over the years and conditions change around us. The site design parallels this.

Past is what has made and shaped us; created and influenced our surroundings. It’s a collection generally presented in a different light than usual. Articles often show how the twisting currents of time make simple actions give unintended results.

Many, many other people have excellent websites on history, and I link when possible. You'll find the articles on Past times are personal remembrances, memorials, unusual viewpoints, little-known or off-beat facts, or the amazing link of the past reaching far into the future.

We live in the Present. It is now. Tomorrow becomes today, and today slips into yesterday. Events unfold around us and we make events happen.

On this site the Present is a changing stream of news, articles and comments on current events. As items become old they get stored in searchable files.

Future is what will happen; what will come to pass and what we make happen. I can make few predictions except that we all get older. Then again, many present-day actions have very predictable future effects. This is where you’ll find policy and principles; the closest thing to a platform.

The Future also has subjects that haven’t completely happened but are happening; things that are constants, continuous, inevitable, and eternal. Here is advice and guidance, goals and objectives, hopes and dreams. .